IBEW Local 1245 News

Posted: July 27, 2009



Editorís note: The following is a joint statement by IBEW Local 1245 and PG&E concerning Meals Policy.


IBEW Local 1245 staff met with PG&E on July 20 to discuss the company's Meals Policy.  PG&E attendees included Bill Hayes, Kirk Johnson, Mike Swanson, Meri Issel, Steve Rayburn, Carol Pound, Sarah Speakman, Donna Rodella and Bill Levins.  Union attendees included Sam Tamimi, Bob Choate, Ken Ball and Mike Haentjens.

The company emphasized that it has not established a hard cap on the cost of meals and acknowledged that there had been some miscommunications that may have confused the message and the intent.  The company has asked supervisors to review all meals that are over $30 to ensure they are appropriate.  The $30 is an arbitrary threshold and is not meant to signal a limit. Title 104 of the Physical Agreement addresses meals and is purposely ambiguous in order to accommodate all of the various circumstances that may evolve during overtime and emergency work.  Employees are being asked to prioritize restoration to the customer whenever possible and use good judgment in all aspects of pursuing and consuming a meal.  Supervisors have been asked to use good judgment and consider the job site, the availability of nearby restaurants and menu alternatives.

Both parties agreed that most employees exercise good judgment in making menu selections and that it is appropriate to address those occasions where employees incur excessive costs.  The company and union noted that it's a common practice for employees to choose to work through their meals and accept an in-lieu meal allowance.  The company stated that it deeply values the dedication and service orientation of PG&E employees in responding to emergencies and restoring service to our customers.

The company noted that it planned to conduct Meals Training for its supervisors to ensure they understand the Meals provisions and Meals Clarification and will preview the proposed training with the union staff.  They further committed to addressing any inconsistencies in previous communications and ensuring tight coordination of messaging in the future. 

If you have any questions about the Meals policies and provisions please contact your supervisor or shop steward.

Tom Dalzall for IBEW, and Bill Hayes for PG&E