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It pays to be organized. And that’s a fact!

According to the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics, in data compiled in 2008:

But let’s get specific. The major benefits enjoyed by Local 1245 members are negotiated with the employer and spelled out in the labor agreement (union contract). Follow this link to a list of Local 1245 labor agreements that are available on this website.

In addition to the benefits negotiated with individual employers, Local 1245 also offers a variety of benefits to all of its members:

The Organized Labor Credit Union provides loans at prevailing interest as well as interest-bearing savings accounts.

The Al Sandoval Memorial Scholarship for college is awarded each year to a child of a Local 1245 member.

Trade & Vocational School Grants for the children of Local 1245 members are offered each year in a random drawing among all eligible applicants.

IBEW “Founders Scholarships” worth up to $24,000 are available to IBEW members wanting to pursue a college education.

Financial assistance for labor education is available to members who take courses on labor issues from accredited institutions.

Local 1245 members who remain a member in good standing are covered by $1,000 worth of life insurance. Your spouse is covered by $500 worth of life insurance.

Membership in Local 1245 also entitles you and your family to participate in numerous activities sponsored by the union, including service award dinners, golf tournaments, picnics and other family events.

And that’s not all!

As a member of IBEW Local 1245 you automatically have access to a huge array of benefits from the AFL-CIO including mortgage assistance, personal loans, great credit card deals, free legal consultations, and special discounts on everything from theme parks to car rentals to fitness clubs. Information on these benefits is available from Union Plus (

Does it pay to be organized? You bet it does!