Section 2.1




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RC 60


Clerical Employee as vacation relief for Service Operators, who generally should be relieved by Physical relief employee.  See 205.3, 612.1 and Clerical 18.3.



RC 157


Job awarded following by‑pass.  Issue:  qualifications.  See 1.2.



Memo from Hanson to Staff


Use of Union decals on hard hats.



RC 299


Head Meter Reader reclassified out of bargaining unit to Meter Reader Supervisor.  See Clerical 2.1.



RC 397


Davey Tree employee doing PG&E work.  Practice eliminated.



RC 414


Meter readers performing power surveyor work.



RC 553


Temporary Power House Foreman used as Roving Operator.  Paid for OT and travel.



Neyhart & Grodin

Ltr. to Union


Some rules in crossing picket-lines.



Ind. Rel. Ltr.


Complaints filed by employees directly with outside government agency.  See 102.



RC 792


Contracting out bargaining unit work:   case withdrawn.  Union had meeting with Company and problem was resolved.



LA 929


Transfer of Rod‑Chainman to ESC and transfer of Gas Instrument Technician and Technical Clerk to IBEW.



PG&E Ltr.


Voluntary agreement between the Company and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.



P-RC 47


OT work contracted out to PG&E employee using his own equipment.



P-RC 108


Apprentice Lineman's two‑day disciplinary layoff and letter were justified for harassing sexist remarks and actions directed at female employee.  See 7.1.



Neyhart &

Anderson Ltr.


NLRB rules regarding employees rights to confer with his Union representative before the interview.



PG&E Memo


Memo regarding NLRB Case 20‑CA‑17757 concerning supervisor's not interfering in an employee's relationship with his/her Union.  See 105.1 and Clerical 2.1 and 20 (105.1).



P-RC 1070


Although grievance not timely, if "Women in Non‑Traditional Jobs Program" is reinstituted, Union and Company should jointly determine employee's date of hire, considering Company's possible co‑employer status during training period preceding employees placement into Physical classification.  See 102.3 and 106.3.



ARB 142


Company's use of contract employees violates the recognition clause of the contract.  See 207.2 and Clerical 24.5.



P-RC 1185


In without prejudice decision, Company will cease and desist the contracting out of mail deliveries between Company facilities.  See 207.2.



P-RC 1189


In case involving contracting out of mail deliveries, Company will stop the practice, in decision the same as that in P-RC 1185, this section.  See 207.2.



LA 87‑36


Agreement regarding ARB 142, this section, describing methods by which former contract employees will become IBEW members and PGE employees. See 7.2, 106.5, 207.2 and Clerical 24.5.



ARB 149

RC 1637


In decision at RC level, and using agreed to guidelines, Co. was found to be joint employer with outside contractor of agency contract employees doing bargaining unit work in a number of cases.  Co. will cease and desist.  See 207.2 and Clerical 24.5.



P-RC 1207


Case of whether or not Union could grieve agency employee's release as a discharge before ARB 149/RC 1637 (this section) decision, rendered moot by ARB 149/RC 1637 decision (joint employer) which would have required Co. to release the agency employee.  See 207.2.



P-RC 1214


Following precedent setting joint employer decision in ARB 149/RC 1637 (this section), Company will cease and desist using Bechtel and Waltek employees as Materialsmen at Diablo Canyon.  See 207.2.



P-RC 1228


Hiring agency employees in GC operated warehouse at DCPP while laying off Materialsmen and Routine Field Clerks violated contract and terms of ARB 142 (this section).  Grievants will receive backpay with service and benefits bridged.  See 306.1.



P-RC 1163


No employee bypassed by calling out temporarily upgraded exempt employee as Electric Crew Foreman.  However, using exempt employee violates 7.2 and, in future, in same situation, crew will be called from available employees at adjoining headquarters.  See 7.2 and 212.1.



P-RC 1243


Informal survey indicated that preparation of outage reports is usually handled by ESC-represented classifications or non-bargaining unit personnel; no adjustment made in reassignment of outage reports from Assistant Foreman's Clerk in Salinas to ESC position in the Mapping Department.  See also 7.1.



P-RCs 1105,

1125, 1279


In three instances where contract crews were brought in during all-hands storm situations, use of contract crews deemed appropriate.  See also P-RC 757 (212.11), 207.2, and 212.



P-RC 1278


No violation of agreement occurred in case of retired employee being hired through temporary agency to do work of bargaining unit Inspector.  Joint employer relationship existed between Company and temporary agency; work lasted less than 90 days and was in compliance with RC 1637 decision.  See also 207.2.



Union Ltr.

to Company


Regarding award programs such as “ENCON Excellence Award” and the “Trail Blazer Award.”



PG&E Intra Memo


Local Agreements and Productivity Enhancement Activities regarding hour changes, working condition changes or inventive plans, etc.



P-RCs 1280, 1290, 1311


Company's reclassification of Foreman's Clerk to Operating Clerk-Typist and 2 Assistant Foreman's Clerks to Utility Clerk and Utility Clerk-Typist in violation of Title 2.  Positions grieved to be re-established, employees placed in the reclassified positions to be compensated at the appropriate step of either Foreman's Clerk or Assistant Foreman's Clerk.  The re-established positions to be awarded in accordance with 205.7 and utilizing prebid listing outlined.



ARB 147,

P-RCs 1091, 1094, 1160, 1173, 1177, 1180, 1182, 1186, 1237, 1267, & 1323


Multiple cases returned to Local Investigating Committees for review in light of factors listed in RC 1637 (this section) to determine if joint employer status exists.  See also 207.2. 



ARB 147,

P-RCs 1032, 1057, 1062, 1063, 1090, 1095, 1114, 1120, 1130, 1169, 1178, 1212, 1239, 1240, 1241, 1242, & 1269


Multitude of cases referred as part of Arbitration Case No. 147 returned for settlement by Ad Hoc Committee as per Item 6 of LA 88-104 (Section 207.2).  As LA 88-104 does not have retroactive application, all cases closed without adjustment.  See 207.2.                                            



P-RC 1221


Survey of system shows preparation of time transmittals predominantly handled by clerical classifications.  Therefore work to be reassigned from Service Operators to clerical bargaining unit employees at the headquarters.  See also 601.4, Clerical 2.1 and Lines of Progression.



P-RC 1225


Preparation of time transmittals predominantly handled by clerical employees; work should be reassigned from System Operators back to clerical bargaining unit employees.  See also 601.4, Clerical 2.1 and Lines of Progression.



P-RC 1291


Input of regulator data input forms and filing of completed service tags may be done by either Gas Service Department or clerical employees, depending on operational needs of the location.  In this instance, filing of tags to be left in the Customer Service Department.  Service Operators will continue to perform GSEM work as they have handled it historically and there is no compelling reason to switch.  See also 601.4, Clerical 2.1 and LOP.



P-RC 1317


Job duties performed by summer hire in the General Foreman's office, Electric T&D, most likely would have been handled by physical classification (Asst. Foreman's Clerk) rather than clerical personnel if there had been no summer hire.  Such work in this office will remain within jurisdiction of physical bargaining unit.  See 612.1, Clerical 2.1 and LOP.



LA 89-187


Dosimetry and decontamination duties at Diablo Canyon Power Plant are properly the work of bargaining unit classifications.  Company to cease and desist contracting this work unless in compliance with LA 88-104 and RC 1637 (Section 207.2).  Settles RC 1689 (603.2).  See also 202.16, 603.2, 603.3, 603.4, 603.5.



P-RC 1364


Not all contractual provisions apply to bargaining unit employees upgraded to non-bargaining unit positions, even though union membership is maintained.  Under certain circumstances, discipline still subject to the grievance procedure, but not wages, meals, overtime, per diem.



P-RC 1361, 1362


In case of Operating Clerk duties being shifted to a Foreman's Clerk and a Field Clerk being brought in almost full time to office, agreed that Field Clerk is primarily a field classification and should be assigned as such.  Also, there's no obligation to upgrade Field Clerk when working as assistant to Foreman's Clerk.  Work historically done by the clerical bargaining unit to be returned to them.  See also 612.1, Clerical 2.1.



ARB 162

LA 89-175


In case of Firebaugh Troubleman displaced by non-bargaining unit Area Utility Representative, grievant to recover all out-of-pocket costs related to his displacement; all existing Area Utility Representative positions will be reclassified to appropriate IBEW-represented classifications upon becoming vacant, unless shown that they should remain non-bargaining unit positions.  See also 612.2.



AD HOC 88-9

AD HOC 88-10

RC 1669, 1678


Guidelines concerning appropriate bargaining unit classifications to handle personal computer repair and maintenance, telephone station moves, adds and changes.  See also 601.5, 603.2, 603.4, 612.4.



P-RC 1387


Company liable for Union dues in case of agency employees hired to do GC Station Telecommunications Equipment Installer work not requiring FCC license working beyond 90/110 day limit.  See also 613.1.



ARB Case 170


Assigning Change Party/No Entry duties to other than Gas Serviceman.  The Company shall cease and desist from assigning Meter Reader to perform the meter reading in instances where Change Party/No Entry situations prevail.  See also 7.1 and Clerical 2.1.



P-RC 1457


In dispute as to whether on-going assignment of mail runs between division offices should be assigned to Utility Clerk or Light Truck Driver classification at Salinas headquarters, work will be returned to the physical bargaining unit per past practice.  Grievant, a Utility Clerk, will be compensated at Light Truck Driver rate for time previously spent in handling the mail runs.  Headquarters will determine how the work will be accomplished.  See also Clerical 2.1.



P-RC 1453


Daily maintenance and set-up of bill processing machines in Bill Processing Section of Financial and Accounting Services Department improperly assigned to Machine Operators and will be returned to Office Machine Repairmen.  See also Clerical 2.1.



P-RC 1472


Electric T&D overtime record keeping and posting is appropriately the work of the Foreman's Clerk or Assistant Foreman's Clerk, not Operating Clerk in clerical B.U.  See also 212.4, Clerical 2.1.



ARB Case 183


Use of pay stations does not violate contract; the Company violated the contract by failing to give notice before using pay stations while displacing unit employees.  See also Clerical 2.1, 24.1 and 24.5.




RC 1711


Alleged improper use of temporary agency Electrical Technician at DCPP (Oct. to Mar. and then again for 109 days beginning in April).  Addition of 106.12 in negotiations makes issue moot; however, Union reserves right to reargue their position whould at some future time DCPP should be exempted from provisions of 106.12.  See 1606.12.



P-RC 1471


The Committee agrees that LAN File Server is a PC; this repair work is bargaining unit work.  See also 612.4P.



LA 91-113


Guidelines for incentive, recognition and reward systems, “de minimis” in nature, at the local level.  Programs are not to encourage competition between work groups, and if safety-related cannot discouraged reporting of accidents.  Current programs to be reviewed to determine if they fall within parameters of this agreement.  See also Clerical 2.1.



P-RC 1527


In case of Company's continued use of exempt employees to do B.U. work at greater than de minimus levels (see RC 1669, this section), equity settlement to be paid to two Telecomm. Technicians. As per RC 1669 decision, work has been at least partially transitioned to B.U.; no agreement reached as to end date for transition period.  See also 7.2, 612.4.


P-RC 1443


Duties handled by agency employee hired as Technical Assistant III (initiation and completion of forms by use of computer and assembling work packages) is clerical in nature; rehire rights thereby were denied to laid off Clerical Assistant.  Laid off Clerical Assistant that accepts the position will be entitled to pay less any outside earnings for the period and an adjusted 306.14 date.  See also 613.1.



P-RC 1530


Five Helpers laid off from Insulation & Coating Department, Morro Bay, while insulation work was being contracted, will receive four days pay and benefits and be treated as though layoff never occurred - work may have been available for the helpers during their layoff.  See also 306.1.



RC 1715


Company in compliance with provisions of LA 88-104 (Section 207.2) by having two positions in the Customer Accounting Department covered by Physical Agreement.



P-RC 1388


In case concerning contracting Telecommunications Technician work at DCPP during Unit 2 refueling outage in 1988 to determine whether optimum use of overtime was effected prior to contracting as required per LA 88-104 (see 88-104 Committee cases, 207.2), current Telecomm. Techs. who were also at DCPP during grieved time frame to receive pay as though they had worked 60-hour work schedule at 1988 rate.  Decision is without prejudice.  See also 207.2, 208.16.



LA 92-9


Provides access at the Local Union office in Walnut Creek to the Company's Local Area Network (LAN).



P-RC 1508


The Company had no obligation to upgrade the grievant for the Equipment Operator work in question, including any ensuing overtime hours.  See also 207.2 and 601.1.



P-RC 1533


Once work is legitimately contracted, the Company has no obligation to consider bargaining unit employees for overtime work originating from the contractor's assignment.  See also 208.1.



P-RC 1515


Compliance with the optimal overtime provision in LA 88-104 must be determined on a case-by-case basis.  The Company had an obligation to offer optimal overtime prior to contracting as outlined in LA 88-104.  This obligation only applies to the Fieldman classification, but the parties agree that no set definition of "optimal overtime" exists.  See also 207.2 and 601.1.P.



RC 1444


The parties agreed that work performed by agency employee at DCPP is not bargaining unit work.



LA 92-40


Expands the provisions of LA 92-9 to allow to access Management News publications through the Corporate Bulletin Board via LAN.



LA 92-57



Limited utilization of ARC (Association of Retarded Citizens) at the Gas Meter Shop.  See also 207.2 and Clerical 2.1 and 24.5.



P-RC 1555


The Company paid the senior qualified employee in the promotion/demotion area five days of upgrade to Backhoe Operator.  See also 305.4.



P-RC 1563


Contracting Local HR Dept. must provide information to police LA 88-104.  See also 207.2.



LA 92-48


Amendments to exclusion list of reward and recognition limitations such as ENCON Excellence Award and Good Friday or any other time authorized by the Company to observe religious services.  See also Clerical 2.1.



P-RC 1519


To avoid the use of temporary agency personnel (Scheduling Assistants) at DCPP, Company establishes a Scheduling Assistant classification (DCPP) per LA 92-11.  See also 207.2.



P-RC 1557


Since the Company has entered into a joint employer relationship with an independent contractor (High Country Construction) whose employee provides mail and miscellaneous delivery services to Helms, it was agreed that the Company would not use said employee for the performance of bargaining unit work in excess of 90 workdays unless such use meets the test of true independent contractor status.  See also 207.2.



P-RC 1587


Contracting work shortly after layoff is inappropriate.  Six Utility Workers in the Gas Dept. received payment from the Company.



P-RC 1585


Claim of joint employer status unfounded.  Company paid the equivalent in dues to the Union for the period that the contractor and Company employees worked together.



P-RC 1554


Contract labor crews and contract backhoe operator used in joint employer relationship.  See also 613.1.



ARB. Case #175

RC 1685


Use of agency technical employees in excess of 110 days at Diablo Canyon.



LA 93-8


Revised Employee Invention Policy to provide guidelines for managing employee inventions.



LA 93-11


Establish a committee to address areas of dispute surrounding LA 88-104.



P-RC 1575

& 1612


The Co. improperly removed work from bargaining unit; the Co. agrees to return those temp. upgraded Tech. Foreman back to the bargaining unit; Subforeman B's received pay adjustment provided in P-RC 1623.  See also 613.1.



PG&E News


Board approves 1992 PIP funding.



P-RC 1624


The Co. created joint employer relationship with contract crew; the job was to insert and connect services.  See also 601.1.



P-RC 1584


The Company improperly transferred bargaining unit work to supervisor.  Based on the facts in this case, the work previously performed by the Subforeman should remain in the bargaining unit and performed by the appropriate classification.



LA R2-92-141


RC 1742


To continue contracting Labor/Janitor and Firewatchers at DCPP.  See also 207.2.



Co.'s Ltr.

to Union


Cancels LA 91-158, ENCON Excellence Award.



Union Memo


Reading material regarding employee involvement committees.



P-RC 1617


LA R2-92-141 allows Co. to contract out Labor Janitor work with certain limitations.  See also 207.2 and 603.3.



RCs 1707,

1712 & 1716

ARB. Case 184


Contracting of dump trucks and backhoes created a joint employee status.  See also 207.2.



LA 92-146


Establish a Joint Study Committee to review job descriptions, job titles and training for Field clerical positions and Service Ctr. clerical positions for Title 300.  See also 300.1 and 613.



LA 93-36


Establishment of Employee Participation Committee at any telephone call center.



P-RC 1662


Use of new technology to dispatch work to Gas Serviceman does not violate the Agreement.  See also 601.4.



P-RCs 1602 &



Installation, replacement of interface cards, and general repair of personal computers by non-B.U. ees. in several Gen. Office Dept. violates the agreement.  However, there is no violation in utilizing contract ees. to perform Telecomm. Tech. work since the dept. is at its 88-104 floor number.  See also 7.1 and 609.



P-RCs 1659

& 1685


Exempt ees. working on voice mail telephone system, i.e., setting up mail boxes and inputting commands in the Voice Mail System, violates the Agmt.  See also 7.2



RCs 1755 &

1756, P-RC 1643


Use of contract dump trucks in a joint employer relationship.  The Comm. agreed that the Co. violated the Agmt. & that remedy of ARB. 184 apply in these cases.



RC 1738

Arb 191


The Co. had violated the LA 88-104 in assigning work to the snow removal contractor that was unrelated to snow removal before considering optimal use of OT or GC personnel.  See also 612.5.



LA R1-94-85


Establish a Systemwide Labor Management Committee for employees at the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant.  See also 8.8.



P-RC 1693


Calibration of meteorological equipment is IBEW bargaining unit work.  See also 612.4.



P-RC 1742


Contract employees who repair PCs are engaged in faint employer relationship.



LA 95-49


DCPP 1R7 Outage Incentive Program beginning 9/30/95 - 11/2/95.  See also 603.3 and 603.4.



LA 95-95


To allow an Appr. Control Tech. in Contra Costa PP to use his vacation in hour increments to attend appointment related to his daughter's leg surgery.  See also 603.2.



LA 95-111


To modify LA 95-49 (Outage incentive program for the 7th refueling outage of Unit 1 (1R7) at the DCPP) to once again allow employees the option of receiving paid time off or the equivalent in pay.  See also 603.3.



P-RC 1742


Dispute over remedy in joint employer relationship issue.  See also  207.2.



P-RC 1888


Use of contractor at issue in the case determined in prior cases to be joint employer; insufficient information. to answer OT issue.



P-RC 1955


Non-bargaining unit (NBU) employee working on LAN system Cisco Router, manipulating software - software is not exclusive jurisdiction of NBU.  See also 207.2.



LA 96-12


Proposes an Outage Incentive Program for the 7th refueling outage of Unit 2 (2R7) scheduled to begin in April 1996.  See also 603.3 and 603.4.



IR Letter


Confirm the settlement between the Company’s Nego. Comm. and the Union’s Nego. Comm. in the 1997 Wage Reopener with respect to the IBEW Agreements between the Company and Local 1245, IBEW.



LA 97-42


Proposes an Outage Incentive Program for the 8th refueling outage of Unit 1 (1R8) to begin in April 1997.  See also 603.4.



P-RC 1791

& RC 1791


Unable to sustain claim non-bargaining unit employee are performing Computer operations work.  See also 24.2 Clerical.



LA R2-97-71


To establish a one-year trial program for an idea award program within the Gas Supply Business Unit; such program is open to all IBEW-represented employees permanently assigned to the GSBU.  See also 8.8 and 604.



LA 97-107


Proposes to the transition of the incumbent HH Computer Operator III to HH Telecommunications Operations Analysts.  See also 609.



LA R3-97-58


With concerns to Operator Training programs, selection, and premiums at the Diablo Canyon Power Plants, both Company and Union agreed to the following proposals/changes be adopted:  Nuclear License Premiums; Oversight Committee; Licensed Training; Non-Licensed Training Program and Wages.  The effective date of this proposal will be the first of the month following agreement between the parties.  See also 110.2, 201.13 and 603.3.



LA 97-149


Proposes an outage incentive program for the eight refueling outage of Unit 2 (2R8) scheduled to begin in Feb. 1998.  See also 603.3, 603.4, and Clerical 2.1.



LA 98-95


Proposed Outage Incentive Program for IR9 outage to begin Feb. 1999.  In addition, any hours earned in the Safe and Error Free section will be awarded regardless of outage cost or schedule.  See also 105.6 and 603.3.



LA 99-60


Outage recognition program for the 9th refueling outage of Unit 2 (2R9) at the DCPP scheduled to begin 9/26/99.  See also 603.3 and 603.4.



LA 00-28



Employee Referral Award Program for recruiting Information Technology professionals in the ISTS (Information Systems Technology Services) Departments.



LA 00-33


The Union proposes to adjust the reward system “value not to exceed” to $200 from $100 (per LA R1-91-113).  The prohibition for cash awards shall remain unchanged.  The frequency of awards will continue to be limited to a calendar quarter, where the value of the goods or services will not exceed $200 received during the quarter.



LA 00-46


Extending the Diversity Champion Award Program to physical and clerical bargaining unit employees.  Each Diversity Champion recipient will receive a $500 award in recognition of his or her demonstrated commitment to diversity.



LA R1-00-49


Outage recognition program for the 10th refueling outage of Unit 1 (1R10) scheduled to begin in October 2000.



LA 01-14


The joint 94-53 Committee recommendations for outage schedules and working conditions for the 10th refueling outage of Unit 2 (2R10) at the DCPP.  The parties agreed that this agreement is applicable to the 2R10 outage only.



LA 01-21


Outage Recognition Program for the 10th refueling outage of Unit 2 (2R10) schedule to begin in April 2001.  This is similar to the last outage recognition program in that the award is based on total plant performance as measured by meeting goals in the three key areas of safety, cost and generation.



LA 01-44


To extend the Diversity Champion Award Program to the physical and clerical bargaining unit employees.  Each Diversity Champion recipient will receive a $500 award in recognition of his or her demonstrated commitment to diversity.



LA 02-15


Proposing an outage performance recognition program for the eleventh refueling outage of Unit 1 (1R11) scheduled to begin in April 2002.



LA 02-33


To extend participation in the Diversity Champion Award Program ($500 award) to physical and clerical bargaining unit employees in recognition of his or her demonstrated commitment to diversity in the workplace.



LA 02-35


That the nine employees outlined in this LA be paid the $50.00 owed to them for their recognition earned during the first quarter in consistent with LA 00-33-PGE.



LA 03-01


Proposing an outage recognition program for the 11th refueling outage of Unit 2 (2R11) scheduled to begin in February 2003.



LA 04-08


Proposes to adopt the agreed-to joint changes and recommendations to LA 02-31, which governs schedules and working conditions during refueling outages 1R12 and 2R12 at DCPP.



LA 04-21


An outage recognition program for the twelfth refueling outage of Unit 1 (1R12) scheduled to begin  in Feb. 2004 and the twelfth refueling outage of Unit 2 (2R12) scheduled to begin  in Oct. 2004 at the DCPP.



LA 05-31


Proposes that the provisions of maintenance outage agreements (LA 02-31- and 04-08) be applied to the 1R13 refueling outage scheduled for 4/17/06.



LA 05-34


To extend the provisions (LA 05-31) of the current Maintenance outage agmt. at DCPP to the 1R13 refueling outage scheduled and the 2R13 refueling outage schedule.  Also to extend the Chem. & Rad. Protection outage agmt (LA 04-04) for the same time period.



LA 05-47


Proposing an outage recognition program for the 13th refueling outages of Unit 1 and 2 (1R13 and 2R13) scheduled to begin in 10/05 and 4/06.



LA 06-13


Proposing an ALARA incentive program for the 13th refueling outage of Unit 2 (2R13) to being in April 2006.



LA 06-56


Propose refueling outage staffing and scheduling issues at the DCPP.



LA 07-14


Proposing an ALARA incentive program for the 14th refueling outage of Unit 1 (1R14) scheduled to begin in April 2007.



LA 07-15


Proposing an outage recognition program for the 14th refueling outage of Unit 1 (1R14) scheduled to begin in April 2007.  The award applies to ees. in regularly authorized positions who directly support the outage or ees. in regularly authorized positions at Diablo Canyon whose normal job function must continue through the outage.



LA 07-20


Proposes 6-month Diablo Canyon Power Plant’s “Pilot Incentive Program.”



LA 07-54


This LA apply to refueling outages at DCPP and intended to be permanent.  This proposal cancels and supersedes LA 06-56.



LA 07-61


The Co. wants to provide a $200 gift card to all employees at the five control centers.  This is one-time application to allow the ees. who have received previous awards in the quarter to be allowed to accept this $200 award.



LA 08-01


Propose an incentive program for the Steam Generation Replacement Outage (2R14 and 1R15) at the DCPP, scheduled to begin February 2008 and January 2009, respectively.  The first program, Steam Generator Replacement Outage (SGRO), rewards regular ees. with paid time off for meeting pre-determined outage goals.  The second program, Human Performance, ALARA, Peer & Safety “Good Catch” Reward Program, allows ees. to participate in daily gift drawings for suggestions or performance that meets program guidelines.



LA 08-14


All travel, housing and meal expenses will be paid by the Co. to four employees selected to participate in the “Habitat for Humanity Project” rebuilding residences destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.



LA 09-45


Company is proposing incentive programs for the next DCPP two refueling outages, 2R15 and 1R16.



LA 11-13


Proposing incentive programs for the next refueling outage, 2T16.





To extend the commercial driver’s license wage increase to employees beyond the groups identified in the proposed Physical Labor Agmt. Settlement.  The proposal is for the $600 CDLA premium to be converted to an hourly rate.





Incentive programs for the next refueling outage, DCPP 2R17.



LA 13-16


Established an Employee-Referral Award Program for recruiting Journeyman Lineman in the Elect. Ope. organization.  Propose to include IBEW-represented physical and clerical BU employees as eligible to participate in this program.